Express Logic Hires Industry Veteran Ken Maxwell to Direct GUI Development

Express Logic hires Ken Maxwell as director of engineering. Renowned expert in embedded GUI design, he will lead their efforts to offer GUI design tools and technology for real-time embedded systems.

San Diego, CA, October 31, 2013 --( Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOSes), today announced that Ken Maxwell, renowned expert in embedded Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and development, and author of the PEG+ and PEGPro embedded GUI products, has joined the company as director of engineering in charge of embedded GUI tool development. Ken will lead Express Logic’s efforts to offer GUI design tools and technology for real-time embedded systems.

“We are fortunate to be able to add Ken Maxwell to our team,” said William E. Lamie, president and CEO of Express Logic, Inc. “Ken’s proven expertise, years of unique experience, and success in the field of embedded GUI development is without peer in our industry. Having worked with Ken for over 15 years as a partner, we know firsthand the excellence of his work, and his quality as a person. Over this time, a mutual respect developed as we each observed a high level of technical competence and most importantly a common commitment to providing quality software and support to our customers. We couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to welcome Ken to our strong engineering team.”

“I have enjoyed working with Express Logic for many years, both as a practicing engineer and as a company owner,” said Ken Maxwell, director of engineering for Express Logic. “The technical capabilities of the people working for Express Logic are the best in the industry. Most importantly, I found that the high moral standards exhibited by the company and the genuine interest in the well-being of their employees to be a great fit for my own goals and priorities. Joining Express Logic has given me the opportunity to continue working in an area in which I have acquired significant knowledge and expertise. I'm excited knowing that working together with this excellent team will produce a truly amazing array of GUI products that we all can be proud of.”

Ken graduated with a BSEE from Michigan Tech in 1987 and worked in software development at Magellan and other embedded systems manufacturers. In 1997, he founded Swell Software Inc., where he authored the PEG+, PEGPro, and WindowBuilder embedded GUI tools. These tools have achieved tremendous success among embedded developers and are now owned and marketed by Freescale Semiconductor. Ken is co-inventor of three GUI- and GPS-related patents and has authored numerous technical articles on related topics. At Express Logic, Ken heads up the engineering efforts related to the development and support of GUIX™, a new embedded GUI software product launched by Express Logic today.

GUIX fills a void in the embedded software marketplace by providing a professionally supported, feature-rich graphics framework with a fresh modern appearance, small footprint, and low overhead for use by embedded developers on a wide range of targets. GUIX is a fully event-driven, windowing-capable, embedded graphics system designed to fully utilize all available hardware acceleration capabilities. GUIX supports multiple simultaneous displays, each running at its own resolution and with its own color format—a capability extended to its companion desktop design tool, GUIX Studio.

GUIX and GUIX Studio have been developed from the ground up by the Express Logic development team, under Ken’s leadership, according to the demanding and proven coding style and standards applied to all Express Logic software. Ken and the Express Logic team have applied the lessons learned working in the RTOS and embedded GUI arenas for the past 15 years to deliver exactly the features most important to today’s embedded system developers.

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