The New Hydro Dynamo Helps a Cummins Diesel Engine Increase Fuel Efficiency 40%+

In late September released the new Hydro Dynamo “Booster” line for Diesel engines. Local and International Diesel RV and Truck owners are reacting with a positive response.

Raleigh, SC, October 31, 2013 --( A 2005 425 HP diesel engine with over 90,000 miles averaged 7 MPG. After installation of the new Hydro Dynamo Booster, it ran smoother, with more power and improved fuel economy to over 12 MPG or 40%.

The public around the world have been voicing their concerns over the high cost of fuel and the record levels of Carbon Pollution (over 400 PPM). The most efficient solution is a Hydrogen Booster. This is where Hydrogen gas is injected into an engine helping fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. NASA has been using Hydrogen for over 20 years; it was on all the Space Shuttle Missions (

Hydrogen on demand is safe when properly used. It can help internal combustion engines run smoother and cleaner reducing their Carbon Pollution by +/-85%. Increasing the combustion of fuel in an engine, it can improve MPG 20% to 50%.

Those interested in utilizing Hydrogen gas as a solution should look for a unit that is well constructed and large enough to handle the current/amperage needed for your engine. Follow directions and find that “sweet spot,” you will be helping yourself and the environment.

The team has been advancing Hydrogen Technologies since 1999. They have incorporated the latest designs into their latest release; the Hydro Dynamo Booster improvements others do not have. Individuals and Companies interested in saving fuel and helping our environment call or email for the latest information and fuel saving updates.

Go GREEN – Burn Clean!
Cary Nagdeman
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