Space Command Stars, Writers, & FX Wizards Sweep Stan Lee's Comikaze 2013

Complete with a panel and multiple celebrity signings.

Hollywood, CA, November 01, 2013 --( Space Command Studios is excited to announce their presence at this year's Comikaze founded by Stan Lee. The panel will be held on the third and last day of the expo, November 3rd 2013, at the LA Convention Center in room #303AB at 1pm.

Panelists include Marc Scott Zicree (Star Trek – TNG, DS9, Sliders, B5, Twilight Zone Companion), Mira Furlan (Bablylon 5, Lost), Christina Moses (Star Trek “World Enough and Time”), Michael Reaves (Batman - The Animated Series, Star Trek - TNG), Geoff Mark (Battlestar Galactica, Serenity), Katharine McEwan (Alien Armageddon), Neil Johnson (Humanity’s End), Paradox Pollack (Thor, Star Trek, Batgirl: Spoiled), Carmine Downy (Batgirl: Spoiled, Army Green Beret, holds 8 different Black Belts in Martial Arts, Law Enforcement SWAT), plus Worldwide Talent Search Winners Ethan McDowell and Bryan McClure.

Space Command is a new and original science fiction franchise created by award-winning writer/producer/director Marc Scott Zicree and digital film pioneer Neil Johnson.

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