Math is Candy Means Math is Fun – Math Claw Machine Sweet Game

Peaksel LLC has just published another math game for kids and teens on the Google Play – Math Claw Machine is available for free download for Android phones and tablets.

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, November 01, 2013 --( Peaksel LLC, a company dedicated to developing and marketing of mobile applications and games for Android and iOS platforms has just launched its third math game on the Google Play – Math Claw Machine is an eye-candy game free to download for all Android devices.

Math Claw Machine is at first sight a classic math game, but being set in the four amazing candy worlds that are inside the magic claw machine is what makes this game completely unusual. The gameplay goes like this – the player moves the claw towards the candy by giving correct answers to the math equations. With every correct answer the player is one step closer to reaching the yummy candy. Whenever the player gives a wrong answer, he or she must try harder in order to get the delicious cake and pass the level. There are four different candy worlds, each of which has eight levels. The game is either limited in time or in moves, so the player will have to calculate rather quickly, or be extremely succinct while doing different math tasks.

At the very beginning of the game, the player gets to choose the level of difficulty, and it is this option that makes this game convenient for little kids who are just starting with math learning as well as for older ones. By choosing one of the difficulty modes, the player actually chooses which mathematical operations will be included and whether there will be simple numbers, double-figure or three-figure numbers.

“Our slogan for this game is ‘If math is cute and candy, then math is fun’! We at Peaksel love to develop games for kids that will have some educational role besides being cool and fun. That’s why we started this series of math games, and after Math vs. Undead, which is to be honest more of a game for boys, we had to make one math game for girls, and we believe that Math Claw Machine will be loved by all the girls who are into math and candies,” said Milena, a creative designer of this game.

For all the kids and teens who like math challenges and candy worlds, this game is free to download:
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