The Avant-Guide Institute's Daniel Levine: Is Doing Good Changing for the Better?

The trends expert is seeing an uptrend in the way charity is approached.

New York, NY, November 01, 2013 --( Noted trends expert and public speaker Daniel Levine is reporting a shift in good deeds. A growing trend of social awareness mixed with new technology and liberal ideas is putting a new twist on an old system.

“Charity has been a part of society for hundreds of years. Soup kitchens, clothing drives, and Christmas fundraisers have remained consistent through radical change and social upheaval,” says Levine. “But now, a new, modern, and hip way of looking at charity is inspiring all kinds of ideas.”

Innovations are popping up around the world. A non-profit pub in Portland, Oregon donates its earnings to local charities. Publishers in Australia are making dust jackets that, when flipped over, serve as envelopes to mail a no-longer needed book to a library. Trees in Chile are being planted with GPS attachments so donors can know the exact location of their contribution. These ideas encourage donors to give money in a way that is rewarding for both participants and recipients.

In lieu of money, there is also a growing push for good deeds. Hotels, cruise lines, and other tourist services are providing outings for visitors to volunteer. It gives travelers the chance to interact with locals, as well as provide basic services. Other organizations are starting to organize brief outings so people can volunteer in their hometowns. There are also organizations like the DoNation, a group that requests good deeds and positive actions instead of financial gifts.

“Like so many other ideas, good deeds are really coming of age,” says Levine. “The internet and social media are playing a big role in raising awareness and accountability, which is making more people interested in making a difference.”

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