Robots with Human-Level Intelligence: Could They Become Conscious Beings Like Us?

On 27 November The Institution of Engineering and Technology will host the "Robots Like Us" lecture at the Science Museum in south-west London to expand upon the current and future direction of advanced robotics and the existing technologies spearheading research and development.

London, United Kingdom, November 03, 2013 --( Known for his work on neural modelling for robotics join professor of Cognitive Robotics, Murray Shanahan PhD, as he provides his thoughts on the current state of robotic engineering and deliberates on what the future beholds for this ever optimistic technical sector.

This forms a unique opportunity as attendance of this lecture will additionally grant access to the museum’s ‘Lates’ and ‘Robot Safari’ events which will commence straight after the lecture and will be accessible to all participants on the night.

In attendance will be around 100 professionals from industry and academia within the robotic engineering field. Therefore, the evening will produce attendees with a great opportunity to network and discuss their thoughts on the matter of the night.

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