Brooklyn Veterinarian Has Tips for a Successful Visit to the Dog Park

Atlantic Animal Care, a locally owned veterinary clinic in Brooklyn, announces helpful tips for bringing your dog to one of the area city dog parks, to make sure sure you and your pet have a safe and happy time.

Brooklyn, NY, November 03, 2013 --( Atlantic Animal Care, a locally owned veterinary clinic in Brooklyn, recognizes that trips to the dog park have become a part of many Brooklyn pet owners’ regular routines. With a number of parks providing space for dogs to roam off-leash in the Brooklyn area, parks have become an enjoyable pastime for owners and their pets.

Going to the dog park may seem like a no-brainer, but there are a few important things to keep in mind that go beyond simply letting your dog roam free in designated areas.

Atlantic Animal Care recommends that your dog is up to date on checkups and vaccinations before socializing with other dogs. Although vaccinations are required by the city of New York, it’s always possible that some pet owners will ignore this. Your pet will be at risk if he or she is not vaccinated against rabies, bordatella, and other shots. Because puppies under six months may not be able to be fully vaccinated, dogs under six months of age should not be brought to dog parks.

Dogs should also be able to respond to basic commands. If your pooch isn’t as well trained as Lassie, that’s probably ok – but if he or she doesn’t come to you when called, a trip to obedience school is recommended before going to the dog park.

Make sure you remember to bring water and bags for your dog’s waste. While most parks provide these items, some will not, and others will run out when the park is busy.

Finally – make sure to let your dog off the leash when he or she enters the park. Many parks have double gated entry ways where you can safely do this. Dogs can get tangled in leashes, which can cause stress and even injury.

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