Brooklyn Veterinarian Offers Tips on Keeping Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

Atlantic Animal Clinic provides helpful tips for keeping your pet safe this Thanksgiving and holiday season, and offers insight into a number of potential pet health dangers pet owners may not be aware of.

Brooklyn, NY, November 03, 2013 --( Locally-owned Atlantic Animal Clinic is providing valuable information for pet owners to keep in mind this Thanksgiving.

Pets should not consume any of Thanksgiving’s traditional dishes. Plain, boneless turkey in very small qualities is not likely to cause any issues; however, food high in fat such as the sink of the bird can cause inflammation in dogs.

Turkey bones should be disposed of in a secure trash can that dogs cannot access. These bones will splinter when chewed, and can be life threatening when caught in an esophagus or intestinal tract. Turkey stuffing often contains several ingredients that are toxic to dogs, including garlic, onions, and raisins. Finally, ensure that all discarded food cannot be accessed by dogs. It can be full of bacteria that can make your dog sick.

If your pet is skittish around people or loud noises, it is recommended that you keep your dog away from the stimulation. If your pet enjoys company, make sure to tell your guests not to feed the dog any table scraps.

With guests coming and going, chances of your pet bolting through an open door or gate are increased. Make sure your pet is licensed and displaying tags in the event that he or she leaves your house unattended.

If your pet consumes something they shouldn’t, Atlantic Animal Clinic recommends that you call your veterinarian right away.

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