LMM Global Innovations Inc Grants Licensing Rights to FranTech USA for High Technology, Computer-Driven Multiple Drug Dispensing Apparatus

The problem of dispensing multiple drugs for life-saving surgeries and on-going patient treatment has just become easier, quicker, more accurate and productive as a new technology is now available globally. LMM Global Innovations Inc has teamed with Global FranTech Group and its subdivision FranTech USA to market a newly patented multiple drug dispensing technology worldwide.

Ventura, CA, November 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- LMM Global Innovations Inc signed a non-exclusive Global Marketing Agreement with Global FranTech Group™ and FranTech USA International Licensing (FranTech USA), of Ventura, California, USA, which grants FranTech USA the right to market LMM Global Innovations Inc (LMMGI) and LMMGI's technology and hardware globally. While using FranTech's network of 600 USA agents, and partnering with FranTech licensing sales agents in 220 countries, LMMGI looks to modernize and revolutionize multiple drug dispensing methodology around the world in 2013 and 2014 with its release of the Multiple Drug Dispensing Apparatus (MDDA) system.

The progressive MDDA invention removes all dangerous incidentals such as: A single anesthesiologist’s efforts to coordinate multiple medications in quick succession (during “code blue” for instance); the problems in adding medicines during continuous IV infusion; and, mostly importantly, human error. This unit can quickly and efficiently dispense up to 6 drugs per cartridge, with the potential for more cartridges if needed, and performs through a computer-driven head assembly. This computer programmable delivery system can be formatted such that the patient’s vital signs can optimize drug delivery. The savings on syringes, needles, dispensed drugs and manpower will be astronomical. More importantly, the life-saving aspects of the system are incalculable.

"Our new relationship with LMMGI will allow us to offer this next-generation multiple drug dispensing solution throughout the world," said Phil Nadeau, CEO of Global FranTech. "This partnership will enhance both companies’ positions within the medical arena. The life-saving benefits of the MDDA system will be the most rewarding result of our efforts.”

"We are delighted to be working with Global FranTech Group and FranTech USA,'' said Luis Machuca, President and CEO of LMM Global Innovations Inc. "This partnership will expand the market presence of this very important technology and will, of course, ultimately save many lives where multiple drug dispensing is currently performed in a non-productive, imprecise way." LMMGI Management has extensive experience in the medical field as well as state-of-the-art high technology. Their humanitarian efforts are a primary focus in bringing technology and medical industry growth together.

Global FranTech Group operates in 220 countries on six continents, and was chosen by LMMGI due to its extensive geographic footprint throughout the world. Other factors in the company's selection included FranTech's current agent outreach talent and existing relationships within the medical technology sector. Often new medical technology will require a facilitator’s ability to speed up the process to obtain approvals within both foreign governments and in the USA in order to reach target clients, who will be anxious to the MDDA system to help their patients. FranTech is that facilitator, with existing relationships with governmental entities already in place within 220 countries.

Global FranTech Group segments range from small and medium to large accounts. They include major commercial enterprises, renewable energy technologies, banking and financial institutions, medical institutions, transportation, defense organizations, professional organizations, associations, social program constituencies, nonprofit organizations, humanitarian programs, NGOs and public sector business groups, just to name a few.

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