“Zombie Evolution” Uses Charlie Chaplin to Exorcise National Demons

The X-Ray Poetz release their third studio album “Zombie Evolution” addressing the role of the artist to uplift a nation, a society and a culture. The song “Charlie Chaplin” embodies the spirit of this unique album.

New York City, NY, November 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- New York duo X-Ray Poetz released their third studio album, “Zombie Evolution” on the much appropriate October 31st. The first single “Super Mankind” features a music video filled with zombies coming after frontman David Carus as he paints in the woods. The lyrics of the song name drop everyone from Mark Twain to Louis Armstrong, including one of the group’s heroes, Charlie Chaplin. The album features an entire song devoted to the silent film star and uses his story to highlight one of the major themes of the album: the artist under attack. Through tales of Chaplin, musical numbers about the threat of unethical politicians and songs about the everyday, hard working guy that holds the world up like Atlas, the X-Ray Poetz have woven together an album that strikes at the heart of what America is going through.

The 16 tracks of “Zombie Evolution” are not the usual rant against the powers that be. Instead they work like literary tales, shining a light here and there, and always managing to leave the listener with a feeling that things can change and that he can be the one that does it if he decides to “stick his neck out.” There are demons, zombies, politicians, criminals and the devil himself there to stop him on this musical journey but the music and vocals are always inspiring enough to help listeners overcome. The X-Ray Poetz are joined by UK recording artist Catherine Kubillus on the song “Superhero” which is a pop number that can play on any station. “Charlie Chaplin” will likely be a surprising hit to many that may not be familiar with the film star and his battle with the U.S. government that kicked him out of the country.

The X-Ray Poetz are not from the streets, both members are college educated guys with diverse career paths, but their music may just offer the streets and more a way out of the muck that has covered a country for too long. “Zombie Evolution” is musical storytelling that is political without hitting you over the head with it. You can bop your head while learning something. These are songs about a nation, about a culture and about where it can go if people only take a better look. There are zombies but they can evolve. There are criminals but they are beaten by artists. Here are two talented musicians delivering work found no where else; unique, unflinching, and completely needed and wanted by today’s culture.
X-Ray Poetz
David Carus