CFS & Fibromyalgia – Hit for 6. CFS/FM Management Releases Sixth Book

New York, NY, September 19, 2007 --( 'The Real World’ was released this month.

It is the sixth book in the refreshing series 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Management'.

This most recent title, 'The Real World', follows on from symptoms management books that cover:

Depression – Emotional Turmoil
Memory Loss – Cognitive Malfunction
Pain – Sleep Deprivation
Stress – Immune Weakness – Digestive Disruption, and
'Create Energy!', a positive guide to good nutrition and a little CFS/FM style exercise.

It may seem strange to healthy people that CFS/FM sufferers can find these books rather exciting, but this down to earth collection really hits the reality button about how each sufferer is different and so everyone has to manage differently.

Each book is packed full of practical suggestions and ideas, rather than the more usual approach where a single method or treatment is promoted or there are long discussions about the causes of an illness where there is no known cause – yet.

The author, Anne Mills, has based each book on her own experiences fueled by frustration due to the difficulty in finding truly helpful advice. Anne’s mantra throughout writing has been “These are the things I wish someone had shared with me.”

"How do I get some decent sleep, without drugs? Will certain foods give me more energy? How do I cope with forgetting everything? Is there something simple to reduce my stress? What can I try for pain? How do I avoid getting every bug that is going around? Is it normal to feel depressed? How do I exercise when I cannot get out of the house? Why am I angry? Do supplements help? What can I do about....."

This series addresses all these questions and more.

'The Real World’ covers common issues beyond symptom management. It is divided into three areas, Activities – Friends & Relatives – Travel, in answer to concerns facing many CFS/FM sufferers, including:

"Why do people treat me differently? What do I do now that I cannot do what I did do? How do I deal with my family and friends? Am I ever going to be able to leave my home? What if I just have to go somewhere? How do I shop? How do I explain ‘me’ to other people?"

Anne talks about the problems and provides a practical collection of strategies for sufferers to try for themselves – at their own pace.

The complete series of books is available for immediate download at and visitors to the site are invited to register to receive regular updates from Anne’s ever-growing research files.

The ‘Real World’ costs $US19.95 online at

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