Promoting Wellness is All in a Day’s Work: Trillium College’s Goal Setting Program Marks a Unique Career College Initiative

When people set and achieve their health and career goals, it helps them feel happier and contributes to stronger communities. With the creation of its Adventures of HR Running Girl blog and Goal Setting Program, Trillium College has taken a major step towards promoting wellness in its staff, students—and the community at large.

Burlington, Canada, November 04, 2013 --( Trillium College, which announced its title sponsorship of the Chilly Half Marathon in June, has launched a new and exciting blog to share the journey of its HR Director, Amanda James, as she trains to complete her first half marathon. On the Adventures of HR Running Girl site, this mother of two reflects on the ups and downs of her training experiences as she gets back in shape—and prepares to run 21k.

The Trillium College Goal Setting Program is another initiative that’s put this college at the leading edge of health—as well as academic and career success—promotion. Students and graduates can set their goals by submitting them online, and they’ll receive motivational emails, helpful tips and activities for achieving milestones in return.

Trillium’s dedication to wellness makes sense for a career college that offers a number of successful healthcare diploma programs out of its healthcare school, including Massage Therapy, Primary Care Paramedic, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant programs, and more.

“At Trillium College, we want to see our staff, students and community be the best and healthiest they can be, and this means offering practical strategies for goal achievement, no matter what those goals might be,” says Trillium College CEO, Darryl Simsovic. “Setting and reaching our objectives plays a major role in personal and career fulfillment, so we’re urging students to sign up for our Goal Setting Program and Amanda’s blog to see where goal achievement can lead them, and how great it feels.”

As a former competitive dancer, Amanda felt her loss of physical fitness after becoming a mom, and then a 2009 car accident. Shortly after Trillium College announced it was teaming up with VRPro and The Running Room to sponsor the marathon, she was wistfully commenting on how fit runners looked when Simsovic “called her bluff:” He urged her to take on the run as a personal challenge. "Training for this event has been an amazing experience,” Amanda says. “It’s been great to share my inspiration with others and interact with students as they’ve been forming their own goals!”

The fact that Amanda has been reading Running—written by The Running Room CEO and marathon winner John Stanton, is helping her keep her eye on what initially, though no longer, seemed an impossible dream.

The Trillium College Chilly Half Marathon takes place Sunday, March 2nd, 2014, in Burlington, Ontario. Follow Amanda’s progress on her blog (, set your own personal challenge with Trillium’s Goal Setting Program (, or join the race and show the world what you’ve got at
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Lior Ishai