Promote Your NetFPGA-10G Card to Multifunction Network Device

Today INVEA-TECH officially announces the set of professional firmware for the NetFPGA-10G card. Thanks to this firmware, which is used in commercial FPGA products of the INVEA‑TECH company, it is possible to use the NetFPGA-10G card for research as well as a multifunction network device, whose performance and functionality is comparable with other commercial products. Moreover, it offers large flexibility and great price accessibility.

Brno, Czech Republic, November 06, 2013 --( In computer networks, there is continuous research and development of new technologies. Given that today's computer networks reach speeds of tens of Gb/s, it is necessary to use hardware acceleration in the form of specialized accelerated cards equipped with ASIC or FPGA chips. In an effort to support research of these technologies, INVEA-TECH company modified its FPGA applications for use with the NetFPGA-10G card.

NetFPGA-10G is a four-port network interface card accelerated with an FPGA chip supporting 10G Ethernet technology. The card has been developed by NetFPGA community ( at Stanford University ( The card is connected to host computer via PCI Express bus, which enables high-speed data transfers between the card and host computer.

Features and benefits of INVEA-TECH's FPGA products:

* Wire-speed packet receiving, processing and transmitting
* Precise timestamping
* Traffic filtering, packet cropping, intelligent load balancing through traffic distribution over multiple CPU cores
* Computer network monitoring, monitoring and analysis of application protocols, network security and network testing
* Statistics collection of incoming network traffic, inter-packet gaps and one-way packet delays with nanosecond precision

Petr Kastovsky, INVEA-TECH FPGA System Product Manager, commented the release of the set of firmwares as follows: “We want to approach all NetFPGA-10G card owners with modification of our FPGA applications, especially research teams from academic sphere. These experts often need quality equipment, namely packet capture, traffic replay or latency measurement. The release of our firmwares enables to use NetFPGA-10G card for all mentioned applications without further investments into specialized equipment. We will provide demo version for evaluation to interested people.”

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INVEA-TECH is a leading vendor of comprehensive network solutions for networks from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. The core idea of the company is to using FPGA acceleration for network monitoring and security (NetFlow, IPFIX, NBA, ADS) and cyber defence (data retention, lawful interception).
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