Sintex-Wausaukee Composites Inc. (SWC), Announces New Executive Alignments

Wausaukee, WI, November 05, 2013 --( The 3rd quarter was transformational for SWC across a range of business activities including financial, operational, management and M&A activity. Central to advancing Sintex-Wausaukee Composites Inc.'s business strategy are the following organizational changes:

· To meet the demands for advancing SWC's technology capabilities, Gary Langer, VP of Engineering has been entrusted with the founding of SWC’s Design Center for Advanced Composite Technology and Manufacturing capabilities. Gary will also be leading the Corporate M&A strategy in supporting the five-year business and revenue growth plan.

· To meet the growth requirements of Sintex-Wausaukee Composites Inc.'s five-year business and revenue plan, expand our sales organization and drive the dynamic execution and aggressiveness of their sales program, Glenn Sandgren has accepted the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Glenn is an accomplished composites executive with an impressive track record with the GE Plastics group and in building successful composite sales and marketing teams.

· To meet the complex demands for implementing the Global Initiative Project and our Special Projects Vehicle, Bill Hunnicutt, Vice President International Business Development and Marketing has been promoted to unravel the manifold challenges with international business development and build International partnerships with Sintex and other international business partners.

About Sintex-Wausaukee Composites (SWC):
Sintex-Wausaukee Composites (SWC) is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered fiber reinforced composite components for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the Industrial and Agricultural Truck and Tractor, Mass Transit, Medical Imaging, Commercial Furnishings, Therapeutic Systems, Recreation, and Corrosion-Resistant Materials Handling industries. SWC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company offering Six-Sigma design, tooling, prototype development, product manufacture, and value-added secondary assembly and services.

Sintex Industries, Ltd is a leading manufacturer of structural plastics and textiles, headquartered in Kalol, India. Sintex is an industry leader for a range of proprietary and OEM plastic products, including: Structural Plastics, Electrical Accessories, Water Storage Tanks, Pre-fabricated Structures, Core plastics processes, open molded composites, and compression sheet molded composites. Sintex is a public corporation traded on the Bombay stock exchange, with a market capitalization in excess of USD $620 Million.

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