New iPods: The iPod Reviews Page at is Now Updated, Redesigned, and Honest

Elkhart, IN, September 19, 2007 --( With the release of the new Apple iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle, and the updating of the iPod Classics, has updated their iPod Reviews page to make it easier for consumers to find the right iPod for their needs.

“The mission of our web site is to keep consumers up with what’s bling.” said Jeff Young, spokesman for

“So there is no bigger event for us than the release of a new iPod. We often describe the Apple iPod as having ‘the most bling mystique of any device on the planet.’ So we want to make it easy for consumers to find the appropriate iPod for their needs, to find the bling that’s their thing.” Young said.

How does do that? “With our iPod Reviews page.” Young answered. “The release of these new iPods is such a major event, we have redesigned our iPod Reviews page to make it more consumer friendly. It has been reorganized in such a way to make the reviews easy to find for the iPod you want."

What kind of reviews does have? “Very honest reviews. We have the kind of product reviews that matter. Our reviews come from real consumers who use the products. Therefore they can come from raving fans and be positive, or from people who have had bad experiences and be negative.” Young said.

“The key to a consumer review is to understand why they like or don’t like the product. That’s how consumers can educate themselves at our site. If the complaint in the review is that their new iPod did not hold all the videos they wanted it to, the consumer knows to look for a model that has enough memory for them. If the reviewer raves about how wonderful it is to watch their YouTube video on their big, bright iPod screen, the consumer may realize they want a larger screen model too.” said Young.

“The iPod Reviews pages are also full of product information, specs, features, and descriptions from Apple. You can click on a picture of an iPod and get a large, clear picture of what your new iPod will look like when you order it at our site. We have also added our own Buying Tips for good measure. We think there is no better place to pick out your new iPod than” Young said.

Is the new iPod Touch up to all the hype? The spokesman for got a far off look of longing in his eye when he answered. “Oh, yes. We already know how the interface works because of the iPhone. The Touch is basically an iPhone without the cell phone and camera. It has the cool touch screen interface the iPhone has that becomes so intuitive when you use it. And the Touch has the ability to download directly from the iTunes store through Wi-Fi. You don’t have to download to your computer, and then transfer everything to your iPod. That makes it easier, saves you time. Very bling. Those two features are incredibly innovative for a mp3 player. No other iPod has been able to do this before.”

“The new Nano is also very hot, the new Shuffle comes in some great new colors, and we have great reviews of iPod Classics.” Young said.

“All in all, with all these fun new products coming out, it’s a great time to buy bling.” said Young. is the new shopping and gift site from Vista Virtual, LLC. The website keeps consumers up with the hottest “bling” including Razr Phones, iPods, jewelry, the latest clothing, and toys.

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