Retail Realm’s “AX Alliance” is Now Open for Business in Latin America with the Signing of Fesworld to the Retail Consortium; a Valuable Addition for the LATAM Region

The AX Alliance’s quest for companies with expertise in deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX in every country across the globe (with its vision to cater for the growing demand for AX for retail in every market worldwide) gathers pace as Fesworld brings 15+ years’ experience in Latin American markets to the table.

Napa, CA, November 07, 2013 --( Retail Realm is excited to announce that Fesworld S.A. de C.V. has signed up as a member of Retail Realm’s AX Alliance. Headquartered in Mexico City (but with offices in Monterrey and Querétaro in Mexico, and San José, Costa Rica from where it provides services to clients in Central America, mainland South America, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Spain and the United States), Fesworld has built an enviable reputation for consulting, development and the implementation of business software solutions.

With an impressive client list which reads like the “Who’s Who” of business, encompassing organisations from a variety of industries and sectors (including not-for-profit), its software solutions of choice have been selected from the Microsoft Dynamics product range and include Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Fesworld’s company motto is: “The customer’s project is Fesworld’s project” and so adept have its staff become at understanding and analysing an organisation’s processes, needs and requirements and then tailoring the software to fit the client’s real need (including undertaking specific development work to ensure that the installation meets current and long term goals) that it has gained recognition from Microsoft. Fesworld proudly holds Microsoft Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Partner status and Microsoft Gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Partner status; recognition which Microsoft only bestows upon companies showing the highest level of expertise and competence with Microsoft technologies. Fesworld has also incorporated development work for fiscalization and localization in compliance with Mexican tax and labor laws into many of its ERP installations and, in so doing, is perfectly placed to repeat the process for other Latin American countries.

“Having Fesworld join us as a member has been a real coup for the AX Alliance,” comments Andrea Vesga, Director of Sales for Retail Realm Latin America. “Their reputation for customer centric service, vision, professionalism and excellence in deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Business Intelligence and Retail (amongst others) precedes them. It is also no real surprise that they should be one of the first to join the AX Alliance from Latin America; being an early adopter is part and parcel of Fesworld’s company culture,” she adds. “Speak with any Fesworld employee and they will be able to reel off a list of firsts. Dynamics AX CRM is a case in point: Fesworld was the first Microsoft Partner in Mexico to deploy the AX CRM module that enables organizations to have 360⁰ visibility of their customers: their likes, anniversaries, frequent purchases etc. Similarly they were first in Mexico to implement the Dynamics AX AIF (Application Integration Framework) functionality that enables seamless integrations of other systems – external, internal or legacy systems. And so the list continues...”.

From the point of view of Enrique Lechuga Ballesteros, Fesworld’s Head of Marketing, Fesworld becoming a member of the AX Alliance seemed, strategically and from a common vision and cultural fit, simply the right thing to do: “Fesworld has always strived to provide its customers with the highest service and customer satisfaction standards. We joined Retail Realm’s AX Alliance because we know that Retail Realm’s level of expertise in retail will certainly help us keep our service and customer satisfaction standards.”

There is absolutely no doubt that Fesworld’s involvement with the AX Alliance will be mutually beneficial and a real boost, furthermore, to the roll out of AX for Retail in LATAM markets.

For further information please contact Retail Realm at +1 (707) 996-5400.

About Retail Realm: For almost two decades multinational company, Retail Realm, has specialized in creating and managing a portfolio of vertical business software solutions that are marketed worldwide through a community of resellers. Retail Realm is a leading distributor of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and Microsoft Dynamics for Retail (AX). The company has also adopted additional add-ons and stand-alone products developed by leading companies that enhance or integrate with RMS and/or Dynamics for Retail (AX).

In 2012, Retail Realm formed the AX Alliance : A global professional consortium of retail experts, consisting of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail (AX) POS partners, ISVs, academic institutions, and industry related associated members. The goal: To provide a platform whereby AX Alliance members combine their unique areas of expertise and experience to work collaboratively on the types of contracts that no single company could tackle on its own.

About Fesworld: With over 15 years of successfully developing and delivering business software solutions, Fesworld is an internationally renowned company made up by individuals with over 20 years’ experience in business processes and the IT field. It provides businesses across diverse industries with implementation and consulting services for Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP], Customer Relationship Management [CRM], Business Intelligence [BI], Dealer Management System [DMS] and Retail solutions as well as software customizations and tailor-made software developments on Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Fesworld specializes in supplying midsized and corporate companies in multiple industries with state-of-the-art technology products and high quality consulting services. Fesworld carries out its mission with the assistance of its professional staff that combines deep knowledge, real business experience and high technical specialization.

Fesworld is a Microsoft Gold ERP and Gold CRM Partner. Gold Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft.
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Rachel Smith