Silicone Dressings Among Latest Refinements to MediPlus(tm) Advanced Wound Care Product Line

Product Line Extensions, New Specialty Dressings and a Free Clinical Consultation Program to Support MediPlus' Continued Growth

Atlanta, GA, November 06, 2013 --( After launching its MediPlus(tm) Advanced Wound Care products line in 2011, medical product manufacturer and master distributor MediPurpose(tm) continues to expand and refine its newest brand.

Originally launched with four essential advanced wound care dressing categories for formulary development (films, foams, hydrocolloids and surgical composites), MediPlus has since added two additional key categories: alginates and silver foams. Current plans anticipate the introduction of new silicone specialty foam dressings in early 2014, and the company is already in discussion with medical product distributors who are interested in the new silicone products.

MediPlus has also refined its portfolio and related services, which includes a second-generation family of foam dressings. "Our new bordered comfort foam dressings -- which are also available in silver -- have a much-improved application over competitive products on the market, and more sizes have been added to meet the demand of our advanced wound care partners," said MediPurpose Wound Care Marketing Manager Valerie C. Johnson.

"Additionally, our new non-bordered foams dressings -- which are also available in silver -- offer 28-percent greater absorbency over first generation foams," added Johnson. "That translates into longer wear times, which reduces the cost of care for patients."

MediPurpose also recently rolled out its new ValuePlus(tm) program, which provides formulary development services, as well as complimentary clinical resources to its advanced wound care partners.

"Healthcare providers that serve long-term care (LTC) home health and accountable care organizations (ACO) must have low-cost, evidence-based products that deliver outcomes for the patient to meet healthcare reform standards, as well as to remain economically viable," said Johnson. "MediPurpose has put the resources in place to be the provider of choice in this arena, which has been evidenced by the growth that we are seeing in this market."

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About MediPurpose

Founded in 1999, MediPurpose is an innovative medical device company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the United States and Europe.

Known for its popular babyLance(tm) safety heelstick, SurgiLance(tm) safety lancet and MediPlus(tm) advanced wound care products, MediPurpose has leveraged its success in the medical device industry to become a master medical product distributor that provides unique solutions for both medical product manufacturers and distributors.

MediPurpose's Medical Device Innovation division offers angel funding and developmental expertise for new medical device inventors and innovative medical product companies that seek entrance into new medical device markets.

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Derek Rudnak