Paralarc Releases Free Children's Fiction Book

Parlarc Entertainment has released a free children's fiction book with the back story for Battle Moon 2075, according to the social media department. The book is meant to be the first in a series of fiction books for children that will contain 3 books in all.

Austin, TX, November 08, 2013 --( On October 31st, Paralarc Entertainment, based in Austin, Texas, released the first in a series of free children's books titled: "Battle Moon 2075." These books precede the long-awaited release of a game for the Android platform now slated for 2014.

A Book Series to Accompany Game Series

The first book in the series is called "Battle Moon 2075: Ramming Speed: and features the story of a lunar sports hero, according to the description on, where the book was first published. Since October 31st, Paralarc has submitted the book to multiple online publishing services, offering the book for free in some locations and for 99 cents on other locations.

Paralarc Entertainment has partnered with author Harvey LaCrosse to create the series, although Paralarc has stated that Harvey may or may not choose to author the remaining two books. At an estimated 150 pages and 27,000 words, the free children's science fiction book claims to have themes similar to Lord of the Rings and Enders game.

:Battle Moon 2075: Ramming Speed" is like "Ender's Game"

"It's like 'Ender's Game'," says social media employee Aaron Harris. "We wanted something easy to grasp for kids, but that would still stretch their minds... and there are plenty of exciting explosions."

The book is offered in .mobi, .epub, .docx, and .pdf on sites from smashwords to to Paralarc suggests using the title "Battle Moon 2075: Ramming Speed" to locate the free science fiction book for kids.
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