and The Avant-Guide Institute: the Vending Machine is Dropping in to a New Identity

The trends-collective website has identified a growing trend in machine-based retail.

New York, NY, November 08, 2013 --( and The Avant-Guide Institute are seeing a major change in the way vending machines are being used. The traditional dispensers of snack food and beverages are being re-adapted to fit in with the 21st century model of choice.

“For decades, the vending machine has been a fixture in offices and buildings,” says’s editor, Daniel Levine. “But with a growing demand for products outside of the status quo and in a hurry, the vending machine has become an ideal means of distribution.”

That’s not to say food and beverage are being excluded in vending machines. There are still plenty of options, but now with a twist. Vending machines around the world are now offering pizza, crab, burgers, and caviar. Additionally, there are dispensers for hot ginger ale and draft beer. Plus, in Argentina, a mix of bar game and vending machine has created a device that only dispenses beer if a patron hits it hard enough.

Aside from traditional items, vending machines are starting to be rolled out as a device to sell just about anything. Makeup is being sold out of interactive machines in the New York Subway system and in the department stores of major cities. Vending machines are being fitted in the back of taxi cabs to sell travel-sized items for customers on the go.

Vending machines are also going more high-tech. For example, a company is marketing a machine that will analyze DNA for a fee. Students at Cal-Berkley can pay for a 3D printer to create small items, while artists in Portland, Oregon have created a dispenser of one-of-a-kind art. Plus, Coca-Cola is using video technology to spread human interactions between machines around the world.

“A vending machine is convenient, accessible, and cheap,” says Levine. “Inventors are using the available technology and demand to reach a client base in a totally new, creative way. We expect this trend to continue to grow in scale and scope.”

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