Announces Promotion of New Speculative Fiction Novel, "The Borealis Genome" is pleased to announce the promotion of the new speculative fiction novel, "The Borealis Genome." Written by husband and wife writing team, Dr. Thomas P Wise and Nancy Wise, "The Borealis Genome" is receiving rave reviews from readers, including a five star review from Readers’ Favorite.

Philadelphia, PA, November 08, 2013 --( Advances in genetic engineering combine with artificial intelligence to create a disturbing world where the minds of the few control those of the masses.

The creation of a weaponized virus allows individuals to upload their minds into the bodies of others creating an army of mental zombies. Tim and Nora must find the source of this technology and destroy it before their world completely unravels.

"The Borealis Genome" is available in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:
The Borealis Genome
Authors: Dr. Thomas P Wise and Nancy Wise
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1481758901
Published: June 2013
Pages: 332
Genre: Science fiction, Speculative fiction

About The Authors:
Thomas P. Wise has a Ph.D. in organization and management and has been published multiple times. He is currently a director of quality management systems and adjunct professor teaching information systems at the university level. Nancy Wise went to college in Illinois and is currently a homemaker and mother to their children.

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Thomas P Wise
706 509 8422