Contemporary Women’s Fiction Novel Discusses Choices One Woman Has to Make

International author, Linnette James-Sow is pleased to announce the promotion of her contemporary women’s fiction book, "The Sacrifices of One Woman."

New York, NY, November 08, 2013 --( "The Sacrifices of One Woman" is an absorbing novel about choices. It relates how a woman with misplaced priorities is in danger of losing her identity, in a bid to hold on to her marriage and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with it.

Cheryl comes from a working-class background and has strived to separate herself from her beginnings. She’s always wanted a privileged lifestyle, and to get it, thrusts herself into her studies. Though she does well in school, it doesn’t move her high enough up the social status ladder.

She then meets and marries a doctor from an affluent background, and feels that her life is finally on the right path. But her upward status is not without cost. Her husband wants a wife he can mold, someone needy and dependent only on him.

Is Cheryl strong enough to stand on her own two feet, or will the trappings of the life she has fought so hard to find keep her bound to a man that she married for the wrong reasons? Can she give up the mansion and all the luxuries? This powerful tour de force asks all the right questions about sacrifices and about who we really are.

"The Sacrifices of One Woman" is available in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:
The Sacrifices of One Woman
Author: Linnette James-Sow
Publisher: Strategic Book Group
ISBN: 978-1612040318
Pages: 219
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction

About The Author:
Linnette James-Sow grew up in Jamaica, is now a nurse, and lives in Northampton, England. Her inspiration comes from those who have had to overcome obstacles, but refuse to be broken. She is a single mother and author of "What's so different about Islam?" (ISBN: 9781909740570).

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Linnette James-Sow
Linnette James-Sow