Karl J. Weaver Invited by Seattle Technical Forum to Present on Contactless Mobile NFC/Payment, TEE Mobile Device Security of Smartphones/Tablet PCs

Karl J. Weaver, Mobile Devices Biz Dev Mgr will present on Contactless Mobile NFC, Payments and TEE mobile device security at Seattle Technical Forums "Carnival of Mobile Computing" Wireless Seminar on November 13th, from 6:00PM until 8:30PM at Bellevue City Hall, Bellevue, Washington, there will be 5 technology speakers presenting on wireless topics. Event Details: http://groups.google.com/group/seattle-tech-forum

Woodinville, WA, November 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Consumers, please get ready for the future of Contactless mobile (NFC) payments, Mobile Wallets and TEE mobile device security for your Smartphone or Tablet PC, and here to evangelize this exciting trend is OEM/ODM Smart Mobile and Connected Devices Biz Dev Director, Karl J. Weaver. He will discuss Mobile NFC & payments and TEE embedded Mobile Device Security.

While working for Gemalto in China for five years on NFC/payments and embedded mobile device security, Mr. Weaver enabled the design-in of SWP NFC SIM cards for 70% of all OEM Smartphone vendors, worked with China Mobile & Unicom, China UnionPay, Taiwanese and Hong Kong mobile operators, Orange France, AFSCM - French Contactless Association, and the GSMA to make sure SWP NFC SIM cards became defacto mobile payment form factor standard and also worked with Banks and Government financial service organizations in Greater China on security of mobile wallet deployments (protection of mobile wallet pin codes); Mr. Weaver said “Asia is primed to expand in 2013 for Mobile (NFC) based payments and services, and that same level of interest in Mobile NFC in North America is about to take root with the advancement of ISIS as a nation-wide mobile paymentnetwork platform provider, the future is truly promising for Mobile NFC technology.” However, because Mobile devices running on an open operating system are hacked for many reasons using Malware and other nasty tools, there is a need for better security. And, in order to give confidence for mobile payment processing, both software/hardware level globally accepted device security standards are needed, and the TEE – Trusted Execution Environment is a Global Platform security hardware technology standard accepted by major ecosystem players, including the Smart Card Alliance, Mastercard, Trusted Computing Group, and most major Smart Card manufacturers.

Secure and simple Mobile (NFC) payments from Smartphones and Tablet PCs in North America are well overdue from mobile operators, Banks, and the entire payments ecosystem, the next few months will see big changes to the landscape, as ISIS launches and migration to EMV continues, and the American consumer is primed to see the advantages of using Contactless Mobile Near Field Communications for retail payments, loyalty, ticketing, couponing, transportation, access control and many other use cases, according to Karl J. Weaver.

Newport Technologies is a private vehicle to evangelize embedded software technologies, such as Contactless Mobile NFC, mobile payments & wallets, and TEE-Trusted Execution Environment embedded mobile device security for Smartphones, Tablet PCs for the OEM/ODM Mobile Device Landscape in Greater China.
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