PetraSlate Tile & Stone Celebrates 24 Years of Service in Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins

Denver, CO, November 09, 2013 --( Operating since 1989, PetraSlate Tile & Stone has been providing quality slate products to Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and the surrounding areas for the last 24 years. PetraSlate started in Louisville, CO specializing in slate flooring brought in initially from India. However, their reach has expanded over the years to include relationships with quarries from every continent, diversifying their products and colors by ten-fold.

Slate, especially flooring, has a long list of benefits and no one knows more about these advantages than PetraSlate Tile & Stone, having created its own “PetraSlate” brand of slate flooring in 1995. One of the most favorable aspects of slate flooring is the durability of the natural material, which makes it virtually impervious to high traffic wearing. Slate flooring maintains well in an interior environment, and weathers very well in an exterior environment, like a slate patio or walkway. Because of the strong bonding of the minerals within the slate, it is also stain-resistant, not allowing liquids to permeate its surface. Provided the slate is sealed and the spilled liquids are cleaned up immediately, it is possible to keep your slate floors stain-free. What better material for your kitchen or patio than one that can handle any of life’s mishaps and still look perfect?

Also highly sought after for its’ natural coloring, slate flooring is not only durable, but it is immensely varied in its color palette. Consider, for instance “African Blaze” with its fiery orange, red, gold and yellow accents; or “True Red” with its’ deep, rich red tones. Whatever the décor or color scheme, there is a perfect complement of colors in PetraSlate’s slate flooring selection.

Located in Denver and servicing the surrounding areas of Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, PetraSlate Tile & Stone works with interior designers, architects, and flooring and landscape contractors to provide the latest styles, materials and expert advice to make installation as issue-free as possible. With 24 years of experience, knowledgeable and passionate salespeople, and the widest variety of slate products in Colorado, PetraSlate Tile & Stone can help create elegance and durability in any high-end home or workplace.

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