SmartAVI Links HD Signals to Non-HD Displays with the New V2V-HDAV Converter

Converting HD signals for use on non-HD displays is easy with the newly released V2V-HDAV signal converter from SmartAVI.

North Hollywood, CA, November 09, 2013 --( For optimal routing of high-definition signals in non-HD environments, SmartAVI today unveiled the V2V-HDAV converter to seamlessly link the latest signals with older video and audio systems. Many end users have encountered the difficulty of transferring HD video to composite input displays, and this new unit, designed and manufactured in the USA, is perfect solution to this common problem.

As the most common outputs for television and DVDs have become dominated by HDMI cables, older video and audio systems become obsolete, forcing users to invest in expensive 1080p screens. But with the new V2V-HDAV, users can take the HDMI output from a cable box or Blu-ray player, route it through the converter and send the downscaled signal to a wide variety of video systems that use composite inputs. The unit also converts digital audio signals transferred by HDMI cables into left-right stereo audio.

“Our customers wanted to find a quick, inexpensive way to utilize HD signals without having to overhaul their entire AV environment,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “This new product provides a simple way to bridge the gap between the latest technology and older devices that still get the job the done.”

The V2V-HDAV also features an HDMI output, so users can reroute the HD signal to an HD display in addition to the downscaled signal. This lets users with both HD and non-HD displays take full control of their video and audio systems.

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