Instructor Materials Available for DTR Inc.’s Work Readiness and Customer Service Training Program

DTR Inc.'s new work readiness and customer service program is a competency-based, extremely affordable program. It was developed by its CEO, whose previous work readiness certification program was called the best in the United States by a member of the National Skills Standard Board in 2003.

Delray Beach, FL, November 11, 2013 --( The Program materials included in DTR Inc.’s work readiness and customer service training program include: instructor books; classroom books (without the instructor information) and PowerPoint presentations that can be used whether or not the training venue has PowerPoint.

The instructor book includes: lecture content, in-class exercises, individual worksheets for participants; assessment tests with an answer key in the back of the book; competency statements with competency tracking forms; key concept review points to use in a question and answer session with participants at the end of each major section (workplace basics, workplace skills, people skills, customer service) which underscores what the participants should have learned from each section; and eight scenarios where things go right and things go wrong that can be used as read and discuss exercises, or the basis for a certification/final test.

The Program was put together using books and PowerPoint presentations to provide a cost effective way for all venues and businesses interested in teaching a competency-based work readiness and customer service training program, to be able to implement a high-quality, comprehensive work readiness and customer service training program.

Training venues and businesses (for on the job training) can implement DTR Inc.’s work readiness and customer service training program for either the cost of the instructor and classroom books; or can pay a small program fee and get PowerPoint presentations to help the instructors teach the material in the book, and get a discount code for the classroom books. The discount code for the classroom books is important because the hope is that training venues will allow participants to fill out their personal worksheets in the book and then allow the participants to keep their books as a reference tool as they enter or continue in the workplace.

Please visit to find out more about this program and to find out how to get a limited time discount code (until the end of the year) for the instructor book which allows venues and businesses to purchase the book for $10 plus shipping so they can review the Program in more detail. Worst case, the instructor book will be a valuable additional resource for any instructor or trainer teaching work readiness and customer service. The table of contents for the instructor book can be viewed at the web site (

DTR Inc.’s CEO, Jay Goldberg wrote the books and generated the PowerPoint presentations. Mr. Goldberg, a former Service Director for Citibank, is a workplace training program development and implementation consultant. He believes strongly in a demonstrated competency approach to training, especially for workplace training. He has been involved with work readiness training since the early 2000s and customer service training since the 1980s. During a presentation in Jacksonville, Florida in January of 2003, the work readiness and customer service training program developed by Mr. Goldberg was called the best work readiness certification program in the United States by a member of the National Skills Standard Board, who also added that many of the other work readiness programs cause more harm than do good. And Mr. Goldberg considers the current version of his Program to be an upgrade on the Program that was in effect in 2003.

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