How to Make Your Vehicle a Hybrid -

A Hydrogen Booster can increase combustion and MPG while reducing Carbon Pollution turning your engine into a Hybrid.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 10, 2013 --( Internal combustion engines only burn +/- 60% of the fuel they consume. For many years independent inventors, companies and Governmental agencies like NASA ( have been working to utilize Hydrogen to its full potential. Recently a new release the Hydro Dynamo Booster was made available to the public. This unit has improvements and advancements other Hydrogen generators do not have that can make your vehicle a Hybrid.

As a result of the incorporation of the latest technologies, Hydrogen injected into an internal combustion engine (diesel or gas) can help it run smoother, cleaner, quieter with more power while reducing the Carbon pollution (+/-85%) and increasing MPG (20% to 50%).

To properly harness and utilize Hydrogen gas safely requires knowledge and experience. Kits or homemade HHO units may lack the integrity and design necessary to be safe and work properly. Some instructions (DIY) show how to use plastic bottles or glass Mason jars; kits may have a thin plastic housing and get very hot when the needed power is supplied to them. These methods can be dangerous, may burn up or stop working. As a result, it has given Hydrogen fuel a bad name.

Those interested in utilizing Hydrogen gas, look for a unit that has a Guarantee, is well constructed and large enough to handle the current/amperage needed for your engine. Follow directions and find that sweet spot, you will be helping yourself and the environment.

The team has been advancing Hydrogen Technologies since 1999. They have incorporated the latest designs into the Hydro Dynamo "Booster. " Individuals and Companies interested in saving fuel and helping our environment call or email for the latest information and updates.

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