Five-Star Reviews for New Book on ETs

Tom T. Moore's new book First Contact: Conversations With An ET has received 26 five-star reviews on Amazon since it was published this past summer.

Dallas, TX, November 10, 2013 --( Tom T. Moore’s latest book, First Contact: Conversations With An ET (Light Technology ISBN 13: 978-1-62233-00401) has been receiving a number of five-star reviews on Amazon since it was released this past summer. The book tells the story of how Mr. Moore began communicating with a member of his soul group in 2008 named Antura.

Ann Ulrich Miller in “The Star Beacon” writes, “…this book is easy to read and keeps you enthralled throughout with all the many subjects Tom and Antura cover, to answer those questions we've all wondered about. You will learn how telepathic contact is possible with ETs, and how the first public contact is scheduled by the Pleiadians in 2015, followed by a "first contact" team that will arrive in 2017 from Sirius-B.

"Ever wondered how beings can traverse the universe in such a short time? 'Portal hopping' is explained and is what the ETs use to get around. The translation devices for every planet's languages enable the different races to communicate without language barriers, and Antura explains how this works.

"He also gives the history of the 'real war between galaxies' and about the federation of 200 planets that Earth will soon join.”

Brad Steiger, author of over 200 books, along with Sherry Hansen Steiger in their book, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings wrote on page 34 “…in this case the contactee was a man that Brad had known for more than thirty years and who we considered a very down-to-earth businessman….and he allowed us to include in this book a portion of his forthcoming book on his conversations with Antura in the Sirius B Star System.”

James R. Connell wrote: "Our importance in the scheme of life is made known by this excellent work by Tom T. Moore. Could not put the book down until I had read it through. Travel between stars has been explained. Every one studying the heavens should read this."

Katherine stated: "This book is really one of a kind. It would make for an interesting movie.”

Helen Keahi explained: "The book format consists of over 1,000 questions and answers (Q&A) about Extra-Terrestrials (ETs) visits with Earth in the near future provided in 23 chapters. The Q&As are extremely well-thought out, understandable, and easy-to-read."

And many more comments including: "And what a lot of strange, fascinating things he learns from this ET!" says Lois J. Wetzel, author of EDINA: Energy Medicine From The Stars. DGF:“... is a fantastic book. I loved it so much I couldn't put it down." Deida Clark: “Wonderful Book.” KCHI: "If you are passionate about this subject, this is a must-read!” Lindsay Arfsten: “Awesome book.” Paula Ward: “Tom Moore has nailed it.”

Mr. Moore is available for both radio and TV interviews and as a speaker. He publishes a free weekly newsletter and is a monthly columnist for The Sedona Journal of Emergence.
Tom T. Moore