Carlsbad Youth Entrepreneurship Program Makes an Impact on the Community

Carlsbad, CA, November 10, 2013 --( A new Carlsbad local non-profit is stepping in to help the youth discover and develop their passions into a positive purpose. Colorful Children works with youth between the ages of 3-18 as they go through an entrepreneurship education program different than most out there.

“We are more than just an educational program,” says Co-Founder Ashley Nurse, “we connect the youth with other community leaders and organizations that are making an impact on the world, to draw upon the connection that you can create a successful life for yourself working with your passions, as you also make a positive impact on the communities around you. We then help them develop these passions into executing real-world projects and assist them in launching their first businesses.”

Colorful Children was founded in January of this year, based on the beliefs that our world needs to see more confident, self-driven leaders and that with the current economy and school budget cuts there was a need for a program like this now more than ever.

Co-Founder, Lindsey May, puts it into perspective by saying “It is hard for today’s public schools to go outside of the core curriculum because the test scores in reading and math or so low. I believe true education is allowing kids to think outside of the box and be creative. We realize not every child may want to become a business owner but I feel it is important for every child’s mind to be free to learning and discovering the way it desires. Children are full of spirit and creativity, and when you apply it into the real world, alongside a social awareness, great things can happen.”

The Colorful Children Ambassador Program is broken down to four-age groups. Each group meets for an hour and half twice a month for a session of five months. Learning business basics and social awareness, with topics such as recognizing business opportunity, estimating start-up costs, writing a business plan, designing marketing materials, delivering sales presentations, and financial literacy.

Nurse says, “We find it really important to learn and directly apply the lessons into real-world experiences, so we keep our core curriculum lectures down to a minimum to allow the Ambassadors more time to learn the concepts themselves through trial and error.”

Through this project-based learning style, real world businesses will be launched in 2014 by these youth Ambassadors. “We allow kids to work individually or partner up,” says May, “so we project a range of 4-45 youth-run businesses to launch next year.”

This new Carlsbad educational program has been widely accepted by the community. They created over 10 community connections with other organizations during their first session this year, had over 22 young Ambassadors and held 16 events that were all inspired by the children’s interests and passions.

Dave Kemp, Co-Visionary of Plant Powered Living states “Colorful Children is a transformative organization that provides opportunities for children to learn about how extraordinary life can be. Their curriculum is designed in a way to empower the lives of our youth.”

Applications for the 2014 Spring Session are now being accepted. You can find more information on the program and download applications on their website
Colorful Children Non-Profit
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