Liquid Investments Issue Investment Report on Commodity Based Alternative Asset Investing in Brazil

Published in early November 2013, the report highlights the issues that will lead investors to shift greater attention and more funds into alternative assets, specifically those providing the most primal of needs, food and health.

London, United Kingdom, November 10, 2013 --( Emerging markets specialists in plantation-sourced commodities, Liquid Investments have released a report assessing the prospects for agricultural based commodity investing in Brazil, called ‘Why Agri...Why Brazil…Why Now.’ The research covers the background to investing in this sub-set of the ‘Alternatives’ sector at a time of growing institutional interest, driven by expectations of lower returns from mainstream assets during 2014, as well as the positive drivers across emerging markets, with strong demand emanating from China and India resulting from strong population growth.

The report now available to download:!why-agril-why-brazil-why-now-report/c1fgh

Highlights from the report include:
- An assessment of how much liquidity is needed by couples in the West considering or close to retirement. Got the equivalent of $1 Million? If not, start worrying.
- An explanation of ‘Liquid Investment Theory’. Diversification is fine, but learn how can you ensure additional levels of security across multiple industry sectors.
- Why Brazil will be one of the dominant geopolitical forces during the 21st Century. The country’s economic and political history is complex, gifting it relatively high levels of inflation and interest rates. Does this matter, what are the implications for the future?

With a multi-year presence in the country, jointly staffed by local and expatriate personnel and a multi-lingual senior management team based in Brazil and the UK, Liquid Investments is well placed to identify and assess new opportunities in this large and dynamic market-place, as well as retaining direct control over its growing range of plantation based investments.

Anthony J. Archer, Founder and Chief Executive of Liquid Investments commented; “Increasing numbers of clients have been asking us for to produce independent alternative assets and Brazil based research, combining our extensive experience in both fields. Our research output will continue to be rooted very much in our experience on the ground in Brazil, with opinions to match and not based on some abstract theoretical modeling.”

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