New Book, "The Children Who Time Lost" Mixes Science Fiction, Time Travel, Dystopia and Steam Punk

International author, Marvin Amazon is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction novel, "The Children Who Time Lost."

New York, NY, November 10, 2013 --( A mix of time travel and steam punk, this new book begins in a dystopian world where humans are almost totally incapable of procreation, one woman’s story keeps hope alive.

What happened to the children?

The year is 2043, and humans have been mysteriously unable to reproduce for almost thirty years. To prevent panic and keep the population from dwindling to nothing, global authorities offer a Lotto, where a few winners each week can enter a time portal and bring back adopted children from the future. They’re never allowed to talk about what they saw.

The exception to this system is Los Angeles resident and reluctant celebrity Rachel Harris, the only woman of her generation to naturally give birth. Years of medical tests and treatments have been unable to explain or replicate her pregnancy, and the whole world grieved when Rachel’s daughter died in a tragic accident.

When Rachel wins the Lotto, she’s shocked, and then elated. She can be a mother again. But the baby she meets in 2108 carries a secret that will shatter Rachel’s reality and endanger everyone close to her. Now Rachel must race across time to save her life and her child, even as she discovers that nothing—and no one—are what they seem.

Book Information:
"The Children Who Time Lost"
Author: Marvin Amazon
Publisher: Corinthians Publishing
ISBN: 978-0957624429 (hc)
978-0957624436 (sc)
Published: October 2013
Pages: 518
Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Dystopia, Steam Punk

About The Author:
Marvin Amazon is a widely-published, Nigerian-born author who currently lives and writes in Essex, England. He credits the library across the street from his childhood home in Battersea, southwest London, with opening his eyes to the engrossing worlds of speculative and crime fiction. Amazon is the author of the fantasy series The Corin Chronicles, the science fiction adventure The Children That Time Lost and the crime series The Midnight Trilogy.

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Marvin Amazon
Marvin Amazon