Mice Reign Supreme in New Children’s Book: “THE BIG CHEESE FAMILY!”

Author Tony Jerris releases the first in a series of books that follows a cheese-loving family of mice who raise havoc in a grocery store. As an added bonus, a “kid friendly” cheese glossary at the end of the book defines the various cheeses that the mice are named after.

Los Angeles, CA, November 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Jerris was inspired to write the series after seeing a drawing by illustrator, Oliver Batin. With more and more kids becoming involved in the culinary and artisanal worlds, Jerris decided to create a series of books that not only entertain children, but also educate them about cheese.

Written in verse, the family of mice lives in a grocery store, giving them free-range to the dairy section. There’s only one problem standing in their way— Mr. McGrime, the cranky store owner. Still, that doesn’t stop the playful critters, who somehow always outsmart Mr. McGrime.

In Book 1 – “Not’cho Cheese!” – Grandpa Gouda pays a visit to Papa Parmesan, Papa’s wife, Brie, and their son, Reggiano. But when Reggiano eats the macaroni-and-cheese that Brie’s prepared for dinner, the mice must figure out a way of sneaking cheese from the grocery store and into their nook without being caught by Mr. McGrime.

This is Jerris' 6th children's book. His first book, "The Littlest Spruce," one "Best New Children's Book" at The North American Book Exchange, and was featured on Good Morning America.

“The Big Cheese Family” is 32 pages with color illustrations and retails for $8.99. It launches on Amazon.com November 11, 2013, and is also available at www.tonyjerris.com and on Kindle.
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