We The Creative Announces Completion of Year End Report for City of Santa Monica

Newport Beach-based public sector marketing agency We The Creative (WTC) is proud to announce the release of the 2012/2013 City of Santa Monica Year End Report.

Newport Beach, CA, November 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Newport Beach-based public sector marketing agency We The Creative (WTC) is proud to announce the release of the 2012/2013 Santa Monica Year End Report. Designed to be easily accessible for a wide variety of readers, this report gives residents, business owners, tourists and others a wealth of information about what is happening in Santa Monica.

As Santa Monica continues to grow and diversify economically, demographically and culturally, city officials sought to portray a full picture of goods and services the city organization provides. “Santa Monica is a full service city,” explained Matt Mornick, City Manager’s Principal Analyst and author of the Year Monica End Report. “Our goal for the report was to illustrate the work that residents and visitors would be proud to know is happening in their community. The work is voluminous and innovative. We The Creative helped distill that genuine story in a fresh new light.”

The 2012/2013 Santa Monica Year End Report was completed in three months. During the design and development phases the City focused to make the report something all residents could appreciate. This goal was achieved through a wide variety of design and editorial decisions.

First, articles for each department were shortened and condensed so main achievements and key data rose to the surface. Also, the language was simple, easily understood by those not accustomed to reading governmental documents. Bold colors and lively type communicate a feeling of an energetic and vibrant community and invites the reader’s interest. They also included aerial imagery to demonstrate a “big picture” perspective with vintage aesthetic design to reflect the city’s rich history. Infographics throughout the report make complex information easy to grasp.

We The Creative specializes in working with public sector enterprises and municipalities to improve their communication with residents and promote initiatives valuable to the community as a whole. They are very excited to continue this relationship with the city of Santa Monica, a city so rich in history and with such a promising future.

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