Solar Air Systems New - Solar Air Heater House Shutters is a New Way of Transferring Heat Energy from the Sun Into Your Living Areas Using a U.S. Patented Technology

An evolution in design, Solar Air Systems breakthrough patented passive solar air heating shutter system looks just like a vertical house window shutter – but does something no other window shutter can do - generates heat!

Avon, MA, November 12, 2013 --( Use the power of the sun to help generate free heat and reduce your heating bills with solar heating technology. The unique Solar Air Heater shutters passive solar heater is capable of reducing heating bills by as much as 45% per room. This breakthrough shutter design, passive solar heating shutter application generates clean, renewable heat without changing the look of you home. It's an easy, affordable and a cost effective way to bring passive solar heating into your home, apartment, office or building to reduce heating bills. When installed side by side next to your south-facing windows (sunny side), the Solar Air Heater shutters generate free heat from the sun. Air temperatures leaving the Solar Air Heater shutters and recalculating into your home can reach 160 degrees.

During the fall and winter the sun is low in the sky. South-facing rooms receive the majority of the sun’s direct rays. When Solar Air Heater shutters are installed along side of your existing windows, these rooms have more exposure to the sun energy from outside your house. The sun heats the inside of each shutter using the Patented energy absorbing aluminum core of each heating shutter surface area. As the inside room air travels through the shutters heated insert cores, it is heated up to 160 degrees and exits the top to re-circulate into your room as free heat. That means you can turn your thermostat down during a sunny day and let the Solar Air Heater shutters help keep temperatures up. Even if no one is home during the day, the Solar Air Heater shutters will provide heat to your home for free. And when you return home your furnace won’t have to work as hard to raise the temperature to the level you desire. The less your furnace works means there’s money being saved on home heating bills.

Not only do Solar Air Heater shutters generate free solar heat, but they are aesthetically appealing. Solar Air Heater shutters look like existing house shutters and are the smart, simple way to bring solar heat into your home while lowering your heating bills and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
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Tim Reiker