Regatta Universal Exports Introduces Different Finishes for Black Limestone to Wholesale Importers

Regatta Universal Exports introduces black limestone to international natural stone importers that cater the best quality product from the global circuit to their domestic clients. Meeting the demand for fresh varieties typically used for renovation and construction work.

Noida, India, November 11, 2013 --( Regatta Universal Exports has been expanding their product line for their international retailers who are looking for fresh varieties to serve to their domestic clients. This company brings in new innovations in their processes, and brings in new products to help their international clients have an edge in their industry.

Cheaper is not always better. This is a basic fact in the construction industry. You need quality material to meet the international construction standards. A strong foundation is necessary for the safety of the people within. Hence, quality is one factor that cannot be compromised.

Regatta Exports shows that India is one of the primary destinations to find the highest quality natural stone in the international circuit. Black Limestone is one of the finest examples. This amazing piece is a great option for formal settings.

It adds sophistication to the living space and outer areas. It is also applicable for informal settings when it is merged with colorful themes. It has a uniform riven surface which is offered in a number of finishes. Honed, polished, tumbled, sandblasted and brushed with handcut and machine cut edges.

There are no speckles over the base color which makes it a very clear variety. There is a minimum variation in the color in this product. This is one property that makes it very popular for commercial construction projects. This is a great opportunity for import businesses to get their hands on this product line.

Customized batches can be created for International natural stone importers at wholesale rates.
Regatta Universal Exports
Sundeep Gandotra