Author of "The A to Z of Forgotten Animals" Has Written a New Children's A to Z Book on Vegetables

Prospect, CT, November 12, 2013 --( Having written an earlier book on exotic animals, John Altson has just published a follow-on children's A to Z book on vegetables entitled, "Veggies, A - Z".

See 'em, Rhyme 'em, Cook 'em, Eat 'em, this book focuses on telling six to ten year old children about vegetables found all over the world. Each vegetable is described in a colorful two-page spread with images, poems, recipes and nutritional values.

John was fortunate to engage a talented young artist, Jenna Miller, to assist in writing the book. Besides designing the front cover and the book's layout, Jenna created wonderful "veggie characters" for each of the twenty-six vegetables.

"Maybe, just maybe, this book will get children to eat more of their vegetables," quoted John. "We'll see!"
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