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Online personalities make a profit every time users watch paid advertisements on their StarPrime page.

Los Angeles, CA, November 13, 2013 --(, an engaging online shopping and rewards program, is upping the value on what an online presence is actually worth. From well-known YouTubers to Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, StarPrime is giving anyone with a following a chance to make some real money, up to $600k to be exact.

The creators behind have ingeniously come up with ways to make everyone’s time online count for something. StarPrime Verified Accounts allow celebrities and trendsetters to share their videos, photos, and news updates with their fans all in one place. The verified user is also able to sell their merchandise directly from their StarPrime page. By combining StarPrime’s rewards program with an online figure’s fan base, both parties receive publicity and cash flow.

“These celebrities have worked hard to make a name for themselves on the Internet, and we want to honor that hard work,” says James Bradley, StarPrime Senior Account Executive. “The more followers a celebrity has on StarPrime along with the amount of paid advertisements watched on their page, the more revenue that is earned.”

StarPrime registered users not only get to see what their favorite online personality is up to, but they also receive points every time they watch an ad or share something through their social networks. Those points can be used to enter sweepstakes and/or purchase products from a StarPrime e-store. Users can sign up for free right now on

StarPrime is a premiere shopping destination with the hottest brands and products that incentivizes users to watch promotional videos and shop ‘til they drop. The masterminds behind have built amazing retail partnerships with merchants and advertisers that want to sell their products and reach their fabulous customer base. A passionate and creative team have invested their time and passion in to making StarPrime what it is today and continue to contribute to the potential of what it can become. Sign up for today and earn every click of the way.

Media Contact: Mandy Rivers
Mandy Rivers