Trends Expert: The Electric Car is Inspiring a New Trend

Daniel Levine says innovators are finding more ways to make power accessible for the masses

New York, NY, November 14, 2013 --( Daniel Levine, the noted trends expert and keynote speaker, is reporting a promising trend in the electric car industry. With electric sales on the rise, especially in the high-end market, drivers need more access to locations where power can be obtained.

“Electric cars require a specific type of power hook up,” says Levine, a public speaker who gives presentations on consumer trends. “With a growing demand for places to power up, innovators are coming forward with solutions to meet the demand.”

Several American cities are taking the initiative to make power available to drivers. Officials in Orlando, Florida have decided to install more than 300 chargers around the city. The goal is to have the area’s large tourist economy embrace rented electric vehicles. In Palo Alto, California, all new homes are required to have an electric car plug. Officials hope the ordinance will encourage residents of the tech-savvy community to seek out the green driving option.

Other ideas to supply power fit into more urban spaces. One idea to charge electric cars is to embed charging stations within city streets. Wireless technology would boost batteries while a car or truck is parked temporarily in the space. Another idea is a parking dock that charges a car while its driver is away. The car draws its power supply from a solar panel attached to the top of the parking space.

“The growing number of ways to charge an electric car is a sign that this type of vehicle is becoming a viable option,” says Levine. “A growing infrastructure will give more car buyers the opportunity to efficiently use these vehicles, which will influence more drivers to use them.”

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