Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr., Congressional Candidate for Florida's 23rd District, Calls for Lowered Property Insurance Rates in Florida

Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr., Congressional Candidate for District 23 (FL), applauds the initial efforts to lower Florida's Property Insurance premiums; however, he declares that further incentives are needed to encourage Insurance Companies to lower Property Insurance rates. Dr. Thorpe highlights the fact that residents of CD 23 are more likely renters than homeowners; thus, he intends to implement suitable methods by which CD 23 residents can buy their own homes and meet Insurance requirements.

West Palm Beach, FL, September 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr., Congressional Candidate for District 23 in Florida, advocates the immediate need to reduce Property Insurance rates for Floridians. "Given the recent onslaught of hurricanes in Florida over the past 3 years, the insurance companies have increased their customer premiums in order to offset the costs of repairing and rebuilding homes throughout Florida. Unfortunately, home foreclosure is increasingly the end-result of 3 tumultuous hurricane seasons because people can no longer afford to pay the massive spikes seen in Property Insurance premiums," explains Dr. Thorpe.

During a recent Town Hall Meeting in south Florida, Governor Charlie Crist stated, "Reducing Property Insurance rates for Floridians is a top-priority simply because it is the right thing to do for people." Speaker of the House Marco Rubio recently proclaimed, "Continuing increases in Property Insurance rates translate into people never fully owning their own home. Even if you have paid off the mortgage fully, you can still have your home taken from you because you cannot afford to pay taxes associated with 'owning' your home." Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. calls for immediate action to fix this matter once and for all.

Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. points out the alarming fact that in addition to the Property Insurance crisis that is adversely affecting so many honest, hard-working Floridians, the people of Congressional District 23 have largely been excluded from the homeownership market during the 15 year tenure of Alcee Hastings. "The fact of the matter is that the people of CD 23 are so far removed from the notion of homeownership, that there is at times a 'disconnect' when I discuss the Property Insurance crisis while touring the District." As a point of reference, Dr. Thorpe notes 'The Crisis' article by Natalie Hopkinson: "Upwards of 90 percent of residents of the historic Black neighborhoods [in the CD 23 portion of Palm Beach County] are renters, leaving them particularly vulnerable." Through the Thorpe '08 P.E.A.C.E. initiative, the residents of CD 23 will be provided a gateway to the American Dream process. Once elected to Congress, Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. pledges to make homeownership a reality for his District. "Looking beyond the fulfillment of my promise to create 'A New Day, A New Way' for the people of Florida's 23rd Congressional District, I want to do my part now so that my future constituents can celebrate both homeownership and home retainer-ship. By no means is it acceptable to bring people into the American Dream process without first making sure that the dream will not turn into a nightmare because of ridiculously high Property Insurance rates," states Dr. Thorpe.

Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. is the right man at the right time as people yearn for positive change in Florida's 23rd Congressional District. Dr. Thorpe encourages you to support his P.E.A.C.E. platform by visiting www.marionthorpe.com and joining the Thorpe '08 team today.

Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. is a Congressional Candidate for Florida's 23rd District. Dr. Thorpe's candidacy is anchored by the basic tenets of compassion, respect, and honesty. The election of Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. to Congress will signal "A New Day, A New Way!" for the people of Congressional District 23 (FL).


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