New Case Study Shows the Importance of Thermal Modeling During the Design Process

Norwood, MA, November 14, 2013 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has released a new case study on the importance of thermal modeling during the design process of electronic systems. Additionally, ATS will be presenting a free technical webinar on the related subject, entitled: “Basics and Options in Thermal Modeling of Electronic Systems.” The webinar will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

The new case study shows how thermal modeling was used to create heat sink solutions for cooling Freescale’s MPC8641D Dual-Core PowerPC® Processors.

The ATS-405 active heat sink includes an integral fan for optimum cooling performance and the ATS-474 passive heat sink incorporates ATS’ patented maxiFLOW™ technology, which was specifically designed to provide high levels of cooling in low airflow conditions. Both heat sinks provide optimal cooling for Freescale MPC8641D processors in enclosures such as ATX cabinets, blade servers and 1U to 4U rack-mount chassis.

The ATS-405 active heat sink includes an integral fan to enhance cooling performance where minimum airflow is available. The fan blows air through a linear field of flat aluminum fins on the heat sink. The required thermal performance for the 8641D processor is 0.7°C/W under given load and die area specifications. The ATS-405 sink delivers a thermal resistance of just 0.51°C/W with thermal grease. This performance provides an 18% margin of safety over the specified thermal resistance. The ATS-405 fan sink assembly screw mounts to the PCB and stands just 54.9 mm high.

The ATS-474 heat sink features 26 various sized, spaced, and angled fins to maximize exposure to available air. Testing showed that the ATS-474 has a thermal resistance of only 1.05C°/W in air velocity of 100 LFM, and just 0.49°C/W in air velocity of 400 LFM. The ATS-474 heat sink is just 30.6 mm high and screw mounts directly to the PCB.

Additional heat sinks available for Freescale components include a complete line of LGA cooling solutions and high performance flared fin BGA heat sinks with the maxiGRIP™ clip attachment for flip-chip processors.

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Andrea Koss