HVAC Smart Products Partners with AirConergy to Distribute the HVAC Smart Chip

Ron McQuerry owner of 24Hr Heating & Air Says, "The HVAC Smart Chip is the perfect product for customers and owners of HVAC businesses and this product will revolutionize the industry. When was the last time you offered a customer a product with a proven return on investment?"

St. Louis, MO, November 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The owners of HVAC Smart Products announce their partnership with AirConergy LLC and L & H Business Solutions to be the exclusive distributor for the St. Louis Metro Area of The HVAC Smart Chip. Howdy Hudson, principal of L&H Dynamic Busiess Solutions states, "The HVAC Smart Chip is designed for easy retrofit to residential and commercial HVAC systems, saving 14-20% on cooling and 10-15% on heating. The device has been tested on leading manufacturers' equipment, with energy savings verified by the California Energy Commission. It is going to be a must-have option to save energy and assist business and residential clients to go green," Howdy goes on to say, "We have a responsibility to our clients, in addition to developing market and operational strategy, to seek out products that have tremendous customer value, while driving incremental sales." The owners of HVAC Smart Products believe The HVAC Smart Chip is the perfect product that meets this criterion and pays the customer back at a time when energy costs continue to rise. The Smart Chip is a true industry game changer.

HVAC Smart Products can be reached at 636-333-9770 or by email at info@hvacsmartproducts.com
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Engineering Study

Engineering Study

Attached is the engineering study performed by the California Energy Commission.