New Memoir Highlights Detroit’s Lasting Influence on One Woman’s Life

"The Motor City and Me: Our Story" by Mary Anne McMahon shows readers what it’s like to forever be a Motor City girl.

Detroit, MI, November 15, 2013 --( "The Motor City and Me: Our Story" (ISBN 148005318X) by Mary Anne McMahon highlights the rich history of Detroit and how the Motor City has left a lasting impact on one woman and her family.

Primarily following her life and experiences in Detroit, "The Motor City and Me" tells Mary Anne McMahon's story from growing up as a young girl in the city, graduating from the University of Detroit and eventually moving away. She parallels the rise and fall of Detroit with the ups and downs of her own life and shows readers how Detroit values strengthened and reassured her throughout difficult times.

"Tracing my family's lineage through four generations, I aim to give readers a thorough look at the city. Offering hope and inspiration for this once great American metropolis during its most trying time, my love letter to the Motor City illustrates that much of what is good about America began in Detroit," says Mary.

McMahon speaks from the heart. She has inherited many of the values that built Detroit - empathy for workers, dedication to the middle-class, tolerance of religion and commitment to democracy. In the preface of her book she proclaims, "I live in Houston, but Detroit lives in me." She is truly a Motor City girl, and like many other Detroit native sons and daughters, refuses to stop believing in her beloved hometown. "The Motor City and Me: Our Story" is an in-depth portrait of a spirited American city.

On the Detroit flag are the words, "It will rise from the ashes." These words were written by Gabriel Richard after a devastating fire on June 11, 1805. Mary's dream is that Detroit will once again rise from the ashes.

About The Author:
Mary Anne McMahon was born and raised in the Motor City. Unlike most Detroit fathers of her generation, Mary's father owned and operated a civil engineering business instead of having a connection to the auto industry. She experienced a happy childhood, attending Detroit eastside Catholic schools and enjoying a once flourishing city, eventually following in her father and brother's footsteps by graduating from the University of Detroit. Mary has over 28 years of teaching experience, including time during the city's period of racial unrest in the 1960s. Although her parents and family moved to Texas in the late 1970s, they retained a strong connection to their hometown, Detroit. Mrs. McMahon has two daughters and two grandchildren, and she currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, Bill.

"The Motor City and Me: Our Story" is available in print at Amazon and other venues. The ebook version is available only at Amazon.

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