Pet Holiday Prep: 4 Ways to Get the Family Pet Ready for Guests and Festivities Advises SmartHealth's Pet Care Manager

Don’t forget the pets. With the busy holiday season ahead, remember to include the family's pet care in prepping for friends and family. Here’s four easy ways to make sure Fluffy and Fido put their best paws forward.

Phoenix, AZ, November 19, 2013 --( "Don’t forget the pets," advises Matt Faulhaber, Pet Care Manager of SmartHealth, Inc., a 35 year-old Phoenix-based health care products company which markets products and services to the professional health and pet care communities. He notes that, with the busy holiday season ahead, thoughtful pet parents remember to include the family's pet care in prepping for the season's festivities. These four easy ways are sure to make sure Fluffy and Fido put their best paws forward.

1. Book a Holiday appointment with the groomer.
Fresh, clean fur and trim looks count…and makes for a more loveable pet.

Pet parents can ask that the pet’s teeth and gums be checked during the grooming session as well. The groomer might offer a new, gentle water irrigation cleansing treatment to dislodge plaque and tartar.

Pet parents who maintain a good pet oral health regimen find it an easy way to avoid costly and sometimes risky tooth scaling under anesthesia at the vet’s, a money and time-saver.

Also, pet parents can ask about the groomer’s take-home grooming products to support oral health and to keep up appearances at home.

2. Check the dog and/or cat’s breath.
Nothing says yuck to guests than greeting a pet with a foul mouth odor. Plus, pet bad breath is a warning sign of serious gum and tooth conditions. Freshen with an effective zinc-based oral cleansing gel or spray. A simple squeeze daily banishes pet bad breath while protecting against plaque and tartar build-up.

Tip: smart pet parents keep the bottle near the TV remote control as a reminder. See how it works at

3. Ouch! Head off scratching incidents
Pets who scratch have the potential to inflict some skin damage to guests. Pet parents know the holidays can be a fun and exciting time for their pets. So when Sparky or Mittens jumps up on Grandma to give her a kiss or get a nice hug, they make sure Nana isn’t going to need antibiotic ointment in her stocking. To guard against unintentional scratching of sensitive skin, they enlist SoftClaws® nail caps for dogs and indoor cats. These easy-to-apply flexible vinyl nail caps come in a wild combination of colors. For extra holiday fun, SoftClaws can be ordered in the new glitter nail caps in silver, gold, bright hues or red/green combo ... a sure conversation starter.

Pet parents who travel with their pets also use SoftClaws to protect the in-laws’ new hardwood floor. Saves their furniture, flooring, drapes, and holiday decor too, and gives the in-laws another reason to love the pet's visit.

Pet parents can ask their groomers or visit the fashion collection at

4. Remedy annoying pet self-scratching
Rainy, snowy, cold weather. Heated houses. Pets confined to the indoors more than usual may experience dry skin conditions and are more likely to constantly scratch at dry, itchy skin. Pet parents start early to relieve, sooth and condition itchy skin with a quality pet skin care product. Groomers can provide Cutis-Clr 7.0® all-natural zinc-based topical spray for pets’ instant relief or can be ordered online. Its alcohol-free, neutral pH does not sting on contact and its anti-microbial ingredients clears up hot spots, and other dermatitis conditions pronto.

So, when pet parents prepare for the season’s finery, they also remember their family pets to show off their best as well. These few simple steps spruce up the pet and increase holiday enjoyment for family and guests...a thoughtful reflection of its care.

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