GFRE (Group Funded Real Estate) Makes Real Estate Investing Easy, Online, Eliminates Mortgages & Available to Anyone

San Diego, CA, November 15, 2013 --( San Diego, CA: Today, Group Funded Real Estate, an online real estate investment platform launched and is now offering the use of their patented and revolutionary platform to investors all over the world. This platform is directed towards investors of all types, whether they are seasoned real estate investors, or brand new to the idea. GFRE users can find properties and guidance to help them become more seasoned and successful. GFRE allows investors to pool cash funds together and invest in real estate opportunities as a group. With the GFRE online platform, investors can browse properties, view details of an investment and due diligence material.

About GFRE:
Connect investors who want to invest in real estate without obtaining loans and having a mortgage for Buy-n-Flip, Buy-n-Rent, Vacation Homes, Timeshare, Commercial Development and Lots/Land acquisitions.

Make real estate investing simple and accessible. No more hassle of getting pre-approval for a loan and paying a mortgage every month. Pool your money with like-minded investors and become a real estate investor.

What GFRE believes in and why they do it:
• Real Estate as an Important Asset for Financial Health and Stability
• Complete Transparency in our Process
• Simplifying Real Estate Investing
• Educating and Empowering All
• Providing the Tools Needed to Succeed

The Founders:
Melania Mirzakhanian: Melania is a Co-Founder of GFRE, a real estate attorney, licensed, broker, appraiser and investor. She brings over a decade of real estate and legal experience to the table as owner of several brokerage firms as well as a law firm. Melania is determined to make real estate investing accessible to the mainstream. She has lived in Europe and Asia before settling down in California and speaks four languages.

Christopher Young: Christopher is a Co-Founder at GFRE, a serial entrepreneur and an online systems maven. He is the CEO and Founder of CWY Marketing and Consulting, where he has jump started many successful companies through consulting and managing their online presence and projects. His newest venture is as Co-Founder of, an online marketplace for cell phone products with a philanthropic twist. Christopher is also a highly decorated United States Military Veteran who is excited to be part of this endeavor.

A substantial majority of individual-investors do not have the financial capability on their own to purchase real property for investment purposes without obtaining a loan or lack the network to search and pool with other individuals to purchase an investment property. Specifically, with regard to first-time or novice investors find it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain traditional financing to purchase an investment property under today’s strict lending restrictions, competition with cash buyers and investment companies with high purchasing power unless the individual- investor can overcome the financial hurdles, the cash buyers and make a profitable decision. In fact, even if an individual-investor was able to obtain financing to purchase a property, an individual-investor who does not make informed and strategic decisions (has prolonged vacancies, chooses bad tenants and such) makes little to no money on the rental investment since the individual-investor is required to pay first the mortgage and other related lending fees either from the rent received or alternative means. If the latter, then the rent received from the investment is not sufficient to cover the mortgage and other lending fees and the individual-investor must deplete his/her savings. Thus, individual-investors generally do not have sufficient cash flow at all times to cover the mortgage and other lending fees. Group Funded Real Estate is here to forever change the way people invest in real estate and provide all the opportunity to live the American dream. The Site can be viewed at
Group Funded Real Estate
Chris Young