Gold Mobile Introduces GoMo Market as a Mobile Ordering Solution for Food Service Programs

GoMo Marketâ„¢ will help corporate cafes, universities, hospitals, stadiums, national franchises, and other venues increase orders and customer satisfaction.

Clark, NJ, November 15, 2013 --( Gold Mobile, a global cloud-based provider of a mobile commerce platform which incorporates ordering, payment, and loyalty, has today announced the launch of its new platform, GoMo Market™. GoMo Market, a mobile and online ordering platform, is designed to help food service companies increase orders and customer satisfaction, while rewarding their customers for both actions and transactions. Built for in-the-moment transactions and to ensure the best possible customer experience, GoMo Market offers branded mobile ordering apps, as well as web-based ordering solutions. The GoMo Market Platform empowers brands to engage with their customers from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

As a responsive ordering platform, GoMo Market uses a simple dashboard to enable food services workers of all skill levels to easily manage menus, take orders, and reward customers. Due to the platform’s scalability across hundreds of locations, GoMo Market can be quickly deployed in a number of venues, including corporate cafes, universities, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, and national franchises. By working with businesses’ current payment systems and POS terminals, or as a standalone solution, the platform can easily integrate itself into the merchant’s process with no break in service. Businesses also have the ability to gain insight on consumers’ purchasing behaviors and, in turn, enable more efficient resourcing and scheduling.

“We took all the things that annoyed us about shopping for a meal, the long wait in line, the ability for our orders to come out wrong, and the lack of reward for our loyalty, and built a platform that assuaged all those grievances. GoMo Market is our all-encompassing solution to ordering food in a mobile world,” said Bob Gold, CEO of Gold Mobile. “We’ve been offering pieces of this platform to our clients for a while, but the increasing need to better service in the food industry has allowed us to combine them into a single system that can be deployed in any food service venue.”

With GoMo Market customers receive a personalized experience, from ordering to payment. When ordering at your work or college café, there’s nothing worse than having your order mixed up. GoMo Market empowers consumers to take control of their order and feel secure that their order will come out exactly as they put it in. Additionally the loyalty portion is designed to deploy cash back or point-based rewards that will increase repeat business and customer referrals, as well as improve overall customer satisfaction.

GoMo Market is currently being rolled out in a number of existing client venues and is available for integration into new businesses’ systems. More information about its features can be found on the GoMo Market website:

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