Rock N Roll Marathon... The British Invasion is Back

Savannah, GA, November 16, 2013 --( The Brits in question aren’t musicians, but sports accessories manufacturer 1000 Mile Sportswear located in Watford, England. The specialty sportswear company recently made its U.S. debut at the Rock n Roll Marathon in Savannah, Georgia. Georgia Game Changers running store is the first U.S. retailer to showcase the specialty performance 1000 Mile running socks at a Rock n Roll Marathon Expo event. Store owners Sandra and Ron Elliot expressed interest in the brand as “a quality product that offers a multitude of functional and technical advantages.”

Why the name 1000 Mile? The company guarantees that its performance socks will outlast 1,000 miles of use. It built its reputation on double-lined, blister-free running and sport socks. The inner lining is made of Tactel® a super wicking material that keeps the foot both dry and provides exceptional comfort. The blister free technology is also used throughout their outdoor and leisure socks for activities such as walking and hiking.

Today, the company continues to innovate by implementing new materials such as polyamide, Tactel® and embedded copper fibers through Cupron™ in its socks. It prides itself on quality and is able to maintain high standards by keeping production close to home in both the United Kingdom and Europe. Its products are widely distributed throughout Asia and Europe.

Ron and Sandra Elliot were amazed at the brisk uptake at the show. So much so, that they sold out of several 1000 Mile stock models at the two day expo. What’s next for this British invasion you may ask? Cricket anyone? In case you’re wondering, 1000 Mile already makes an official cricket sock. Please contact Paul Gill for US inquiries at 646-535-0456.
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Paul Gill