Stauber Drilling Inc. Announces Well Servicing for Residential Customers

Regina, Canada, November 16, 2013 --( Regina, Saskatchewan Stauber Drilling Inc. has just announced that they are offering well servicing to residential customers. The company is known for their commercial water well installation and maintenance services but they also provide their full spectrum well servicing to residential clients. Well servicing is necessary to ensure that water wells are operating at their optimal capacity.

When a well has a problem and it is neglected, the costs and damage can accumulate quickly. It is advised that homeowners should never attempt to fix a well on their own as this could be a serious health hazard. The team at Stauber Drilling, Inc. has the equipment and protective gear that is required to handle well servicing safely and effectively.

Stauber Drilling Inc. was formed in 1959 by Harold Stauber, providing water well services to Saskatchewan area farmers and commercial wells for the hog industry. In 1959 Stauber bought a conventional mud rotary rig and began to work independently. His company and reputation has left a lasting, positive impression on the Saskatchewan water-well industry.

Stauber Drilling, Inc. now offers a variety of services to commercial, residential and industrial businesses. From their start in servicing water wells, they are happy to provide full spectrum well services to the community.

The company can be contacted directly for more information.

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