How Nanotechnology Extends the Life of Paint by 10 Years

Nanovere Technologies introduces Nano-Clear® for Industrial Applications designed to restore original color, gloss, surface hardness, and UV resistance back into highly oxidized paint surfaces.

Brighton, MI, November 16, 2013 --( Conventional paint systems including epoxies provide good corrosion resistance and initial surface hardness, but unfortunately fall short in long-term UV resistance and weathering. Two-component polyurethanes provide good UV resistance and weathering, but typically cost much more than epoxy or polyester topcoats. Unfortunately conventional paint systems like topcoats and epoxies begin the oxidization process or “chalking” from weathering within 1 year from application. This surface chalking phenomenon is actually degraded paint that resides on the surface from UV exposure and weathering. The good news is that the original color typically exists beneath the underlying chalked surface.

Nano-Clear® Coatings developed by Nanovere Technologies provide organizations a long-term alternate to “repainting” important surfaces including steel, aluminum, plastics and fiberglass. It is well known that re-applying an inferior paint system over an existing oxidized paint surface will yield the same inferior results. Nano-Clear Coatings restore original color, enhance and extend the life of highly oxidized paint surfaces by 10 years. Nano-Clear for Industrial Applications is backed with a 10 Year Performance Warranty.

Nano-Clear Coatings penetrate deep into the smallest pores within the oxidized paint then magnify the underlying color. Nano-Clear then makes transparent the chalked surface, and hardens the surface to better than new. Nano-Clear also protects the substrate from UV degradation. Tested by leading global companies including Nippon Paint, Alcoa & Boeing have validated Nano-Clear to outperform automotive & aerospace OEM paint systems.

Nano-Clear Coating Benefits:

- Reduces re-paint material consumption by over 75%.
- Reduces labor and energy costs by 50%.
- Convenient one-component system which can be sprayed using an airless sprayer.
- Air-cure polyurethane hybrid system with extreme cross-link density.

According to Nanovere Technologies Founder & Chief Technology Officer Thomas Choate, "Nanovere is pleased to introduce the world's first air cure nanocoating to exceed automotive & aerospace technical specifications. Nano-Clear® Coatings were developed to restore color, enhance and extend the life of important oxidized surfaces, while significantly reducing re-paint materials, reduce labor and energy costs.” The application potential for Nano-Clear® Coatings include restoring oxidized painted buildings, trains, anodized aluminum, epoxies, polyesters, topcoat paints and polyurethanes.

Nanovere is accepting global distributor applications for Nano-Clear® Coatings. Interested parties may contact Nanovere directly at (810) 227-0077.
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