PicLight - The Perfect App on Mac to Create Lighting Effects for Photos

Chengdu, China, November 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- PearlMountain just released a brand new Mac app called PicLight that enables photo enthusiasts to create amazing lighting effects for photos. The app makes life photos shine brilliantly using 170-plus lighting effects, broken into four categories: Montage, Light, Glow and Texture.

PearlMountain just released a brand new app called PicLight that enables photo enthusiasts to create amazing lighting effects for photos. Using 170-plus lighting effects, broken into four categories: Montage, Light, Glow and Texture, the app makes ordinary life photos shine brilliantly. The neatly arranged collection makes it possible to superimpose different effects from each category.

The app also comes standard with more than 25 image filters and over 18 intuitive customization features. PicLight provides the perfect app for both casual amateurs and seasoned photographers that want to create stunning and beautiful photos. PearlMountain developed the app with the knowledge gained from over seven years of experience in developing graphics editing apps.

PicLight makes adding sunshine, brilliant aurora effects and flares to any photo a breeze and enables even amateurs to edit pictures like a professional. The app enables users to incorporate Bokeh effects into their photos with symbols of stars, hearts, round dots and more. Users can add effects to make a night scene more spectacular and otherworldly, or make daylight seem surreal. The software also corrects the lighting of underexposed photos.

Rich Collection of 170-Plus Lighting Effects

Montage includes over 40 artistic montage effects to create dreamy and surreal photos. Light provides over 55 natural, dazzling light effects to highlight each photo. Glow effects contain over 45 techniques including light artworks, Bokeh and fluorescence. Add a personal touch to the photos using the 30-plus textures to touch-up and accent the photos. Customize each effect by adjusting the various Blending Modes: Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge and Lighter, as well as Flip and Alpha.

Cropping and Fine-Tuning Tools
PicLight includes a flexible cropping tool with seven preconfigured settings that provide a way to easily change the image size. Using the built-in tools, users can rotate the photo and flip it horizontally or vertically using a simple intuitive clicks. Furthermore, PicLight makes it easy to fine-tune the saturation, hue, exposure, contrast, brightness, as well as highlights and shadows using the corresponding sliders.

More Than 25 Image Filters
PicLight makes it simple and quick to change the hue of the entire photo using one of over 25 deluxe and gorgeous image filters. Filters include common settings such as Sepia and Vintage, or black and white. Each effect increases the artistry of the photos almost instantly.

Convenient Export & Share Options
Export and share functions make it simple to share the finalized photos with family and friends. Save each photo as an image, send it directly to iPhoto library, set as a desktop wallpaper, send via E-Mail, or share to social media sites such as Flickr and Facebook.

Experience its amazing results to understand the full power and intuitive nature of PicLight. The application instantly empowers customers to transform ordinary photos into brilliant works of photography.

Pricing and Availability
PicLight requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. It is fully compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks. The original price of this app is $19.99. However, during the limited time promotion, users can purchase the software from the App Store for only $4.99.

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