SECUDE Releases Free Data Export Auditor for SAP® Software

Halocore Data Export Auditor for SAP offers rich auditing capabilities, providing immediate visibility of how data is exported from NetWeaver®-based applications.

Alpharetta, GA, November 17, 2013 --( SECUDE, an innovative data security provider specializing in SAP security, announced today the release of a new solution, which helps auditors and CISO’s identify and track data downloads from NetWeaver-based applications. It provides visibility into what critical business data is being downloaded, who is downloading it, and where. For each download, the solution intelligently classifies the activity into configurable groups, providing a simplified report of sensitive exports by functional area, geographic region, or many other SAP attributes. SECUDE offers this software free of charge.

“Data is more accessible and transferable today than ever before. Not tracking sensitive data usage poses a huge risk to any company,” said Dr. Heiner Kromer, SECUDE’s founder and CEO. “Our new auditor is specifically designed to give administrators increased visibility of sensitive data distribution. The solution simplifies internal audit processes and allows the enterprise to track each and every download via the SAP GUI and understand what critical information has been exported.”

SAP is one of the most widely deployed ERP systems that houses a wide range of data, which is both business critical and highly sensitive. Information about finances, employees, clients, suppliers, and products are just a few examples of sensitive data stored inside SAP applications. This data is exported on a regular basis to generate reports, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, or other files.

The SECUDE Halocore Data Export Auditor for SAP is an SAP add-on that logs all downloaded data via the SAP GUI (for Windows, Java, or HTML) from NetWeaver ABAP-based SAP applications. Every download of any data via the SAP GUI is audited. This includes exporting spreadsheets, downloading attachments, and saving data from transactions. The audit log records the following attributes of each transaction:

• Who performed the download? (user ID and name)
• What was downloaded? (file name, size, and file type)
• Where from? (transaction code and text, application component, and table name)
• Where to? (path, terminal, and IP address)

Unlike other solutions, Halocore Data Export Auditor for SAP not only records all activity, but also adds intelligent classification. The new solution gives the ability to filter collected entries into configurable groups, e.g. by functional area, geographic region, or transaction type. For example, the audit team can analyze downloading activity around confidential HR information for a specific personnel area or financial reports of a particular legal entity. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort spent on processing raw data and helps IT administrators identify security risks of possible data leakage.

For free download, please visit Halocore Data Export Auditor for SAP solution page or follow this link

About SECUDE -

SECUDE is an innovative global provider of IT data protection solutions. SECUDE helps customers protect sensitive data from loss or theft and to meet legal and industry requirements and guidelines. The company was founded in 1996 as a partnership between SAP AG and Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, Fraunhofer institute in Germany. SECUDE’s focus currently extends to the field of application data security and Information Rights Management (IRM) and addresses the rapidly evolving business needs of mobile and cloud security and safe digital collaboration. Today, SECUDE is trusted by a large number of Fortune 500 companies, including many DAX companies. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, SECUDE embraces global IT security.

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