Institute of Solar Technology Launches Solar Power Training for Youth

"With globalization around and job potential reducing, unemployment is one of the major problems in India. On the other hand there is huge untapped potential for solar energy utilization at all levels," said Mr. S. Roy, Director of Institute of Solar Technology. IST appeals all unemployed youth to use their energy for self employment in the field of renewable energy. This will give the satisfaction of serving mother earth through eco-friendly technology.

Howrah, India, November 18, 2013 --( "Three important benefits are technical, financial and social back-up systems of Institute of Solar Technology training program," said Mr. A. Naskar, President of Shyamsundar Child and Women Development Society.

Mr. Naskar describes:
1. Technical training of rural youth to assemble, repair and maintain the rooftop solar units.
2. Institute of Solar Technology will train the youth of low-income families to become solar technicians. These youth technicians will be establishment of a rural Green Shop, Green Club in remote areas and thus a valuable resource for solar companies interested in expanding into the most remote areas of India.
Youth solar technicians will:
i) They will learn to assess the buyer’s needs and recommend the appropriate system size.
ii) Assist energy vendors by providing on-site diagnostics of downed systems. This will save the vendor the time and money sending a technician from the city.
iii) Be able to determine if people have misused their system and advise them on better usage and maintenance strategies
iv) Troubleshoot their own community member's solar systems and generate income by selling their new skills
v) Serve as paid consultants for energy vendors.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint. Solar electric systems operate without emissions and are environmentally friendly.

Mr. Roy said, "Today's youth need to understand energy in order to wisely power their homes, their society and their careers."

Candidate can contact at IST Campus at Panchla, Howrah, West Bengal.

During the training, young scouts will learn how solar power works, how solar panels themselves work, and how to install the panels. The course is set up to empower young people with skills and knowledge of solar energy, and to communicate the growing need for renewable energy solutions. Visit their web site for more information on their services.
Institute of Solar Technology
Sanjib Roy